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I'm now published in Australia..but first let me tell you why I care.

I feel on a very visceral level the betrayal of physicians. This generation of doctors invested so much time, energy, and money only to enter a career in which they're largely employees at the mercy of business.

There are many reasons for this: 1) the physician abuses of my generation that paved the way for managed care, 2) medicine's self-selection of autonomous personalities who are risk averse and poorly skilled at compromise and consensus, 3) equally unskilled academic mentors who go on to produce cannon fodder, 4) the fact consumers can't judge quality (which makes most doctors commodities), 5) society's devaluation of "monopolies of information" and algorithmic thinking with the rise of the internet, computers, and AI,..and I could go on.

Unfortunately the biggest obstacle to change is often physicians themselves. Many are in denial; others angry...very angry. Given my difficult message, I sometimes feel the brunt of that anger.

I understand. All many physicians have left is their illusion they'll once again get their due..and this nightmare will come to an end. They get angry when I tell them they have to adapt. But they can't stop the future.

For me the bottom line is the pendulum has swung too far. Physicians don't deserve their serfdom. On a more practical level burnout and suicides are going up. Something has to be done.

Physicians have to become more risk-taking, better team leaders, and treat sicker patients. Only those skills can unlock their unique skills...and raise their value.

Alerting physicians to reality, and finding paths to restore their self-respect and autonomy are my mission...and I want to spread those messages as far as possible.

That's why my publication in Australia, whose medical system is going through similar changes, matters to me.

I'm grateful that, the KevinMD of Australia, reached out to me. If you care to see my first article, it's at:

I'm thankful for their readership..and yours as well.


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