Media Exposure

Press releases are the most cost-effective form of marketing.  A national or local TV or print story about your medical practice or organization is less expensive, and more credible, than any print ad or commercial.

Even a single newspaper or TV story can yield an extraordinary ROI.

Dr. Breen heard literally thousands of "pitches" during his years in TV. He immediately disregarded ninety-five percent of them; they had no chance of ever receiving significant attention.

Your release will be in the remaining five percent because we'll work with you to find the story in your organization the media will find newsworthy. (Every client has them.)

After client approval, our releases are faxed and emailed to over 150 national and local media outlets. A few days after they’re sent off, Dr. Breen follows up with personal phone calls to the media including former colleagues in TV and print.

Our placed stories have appeared on ABC National News, Good Morning America, NPR, WSJ, and many other national outlets. They also routinely appear in local newspapers and TV affiliates.

Once you receive coverage, we provide news clips so you can leverage that exposure on your web site, You Tube, social media sites, waiting room, and for use in events.

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Web Site Design

Medical marketing was once about getting physicians and medical organizations on TV and in print. Now it's just as much about providing them with the best web sites, best videos, and best SEO.

Even our larger clients tell us up to half their patients are now self-referred...and they usually do their research online. Shortly after we designed one recent site, our client cancelled all his TV and print advertising. "All my patients are coming to me off the internet anyway," he told us.

Your web site will probably be your prospective patient's first impression of you. If your web site is mediocre, that viewer will assume your medical care is no different.

So how do we produce a "top tier" web site? By making it not only visual and easy to navigate, but steeped with plenty of emotion as well. And emotion means video. Video of you or your organization describing what you do, doing it, and introducing viewers to the patients who've lives you've helped or even saved.

Web site videos also jump start your site in search results (because Google algorithms favor sites with original video.) And, speaking of SEO, our web search gurus live to see your site jump to Page One.

Video produces emotion...and both are necessities in the "next era of medical marketing."

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Video Production

No one does it better.

First because all our videos are produced by someone who 1) knows medicine, and 2) spent every day over 20 years using video to tell a compelling story.

Second, because Dr. Breen works with the photographers and editors at Big Shoulders Productions, one of America's most respected production facilities.

If your web site doesn't have video, it doesn't have impact.

Prospective patients don't want to meet your CV, they want to meet you. They want to see you talk about your goals and why your facility excels..then they'll judge you for themselves.

Similarly web site visitors don't want to hear you talk about your results, they want to hear from patients themselves. And not just in writing. A breezily written "Dr. Smith is the best!!" doesn't compare with watching a patient fight back tears recounting how you helped them.

Fortunately, the rise of desktop computer editing and inexpensive video cameras have made hosting a broadcast-quality video affordable for any organization.

Videos don't just bring life to your web page, you can leverage them on You Tube, on your social media sites even, if you choose, in your waiting room.

A web site without video is lifeless....and in medicine that' s the last thing you want to be.

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And There's More...

Other services we offer include:

  • Direct mail campaigns to consumers or primary care referrers
  • Event marketing
  • Television Commercials
  • Radio Spots
  • Negotiating Media Buys

Every Client Is Different

It goes without saying.

You might love your web site developer but want to add video.

You might only be comfortable with press releases..where the media takes the initiative and comes to you.

You might simply need to reach all primary care doctors within a ten mile radius of your specialty practice or health system.

You might want Europeans to know about your reproductive procedures not allowed in their home countries.

We know every client's needs are unique...and we offer only the services they want. You don't believe in unnecessary treatment; neither do we.

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