Web Site Development

Does your web site focus on what makes you unique? Or is it just another formulaic mix of stock photos, portraits, and CVs?

From first glance your site should boldly announce your competitive advantage...why patients should come to you!

Besides emotion and video, our web sites are laser focused on what uniquely makes you a better choice than your competition.

Here are three examples of what we mean:

Everyone's suddenly becoming a vein doctor...we want visitors to instantly know our cardiac surgeon client also does veins...when he's not doing hearts.



Advanced Vein Clinic


Another example: lots of orthopedic surgeons put in new hips and knees....but ours has patients walking up stairs 45 minutes later! We trumpet that message right at the outset...


Rapid Recovery Reality


Finally, never heard of hearing looping? We don't waste time describing it, we use video to instantly show you how it transforms your hearing...and your life.


Hearing Looping Systems

Our sites are search optimized and rise even further in search results because they have lots of videos. Google loves sites with video. Studies show adding an original web site video makes your site ten times more likely to be a Page One search also doubles the chances a visitor will request more information.

Finally, videos and web sites are unlike any other marketing. They're one time expenses that keep working for you 24/7 for years to come.