A Matter Of Survival

Medicine faces rising waves of 1) medical consolidation, and 2) consumer empowerment.

Your practice or organization probably feels it.

Whether you're a doctor fighting to retain your autonomy, a large practice or hospital fighting a health system takeover, or a medical device company struggling to market not to doctors...but to CFOs and consumers.

These are brutal new realities for a medical industry that has always been  risk-averse. However, ignore these new rules of business and your organization will be swept aside. You've seen it already.

Doctor Michael Breen Associates has been privileged to help our clients, whether single doctor practices or billion dollar companies, thrive in this new medical landscape.


What We Do

We use creativity, video, and emotion to create a bond between your medical organization and your customers.

We focus on what gives your offering value. Then we consistently spread that message across every platform...whether a new web site, web site videos, press releases that produce local and even national TV and newspaper exposure, print ads, or radio or TV commercials.

Dr. Michael Breen is a physician who spent over 20 years working in local television news and appeared nationally on Nightline and CBS Morning News. He started his marketing firm in 2002.

Dr. Breen and his team know medicine...know video...and know how to tell your organization's story.


The New Rules

Goodbye Marcus Welby....The old days in medicine are over.

Patients no longer seek specific doctors, health systems, or medical devices. You have to seek them.

Not just with empty assurances of "top quality" health care or "lowest prices." No, we understand purchasing medical care is completely unique: consumers need emotional proof of the quality, and the pay-off, to their care.

Your potential patients will judge, and ultimately choose,  your organization by how well you tell your story, showcase your quality results, and reach their emotions.

At Dr. Michael Breen Associates we know medicine's culture. We pledge is to be as top tier, and as committed to accuracy and quality, as your own practice or organization.


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